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getting coffee with my friend in maryland / coming home for a few hours / go to work for like an hour / meet up with Sophie / play Mario kart / drop her off in DC / come home and sleep and work the next like 3 days plus The Hundred Acre Woods show on Friday

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It would be nice if you left me cool messages to look at in the morning/get me through the day tomorrow

At least I get to play Mario kart with fuckoffallbadvibes tomorrow!!!


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tonight in a nutshell

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like yeah half my feelings don’t make sense to anyone and they definitely don’t make sense to me that’s why it’s so goddamn fucking frustrating. this has been an issue my whole damn life. when I get confused and frustrated I just fucking cry because what the fuck else am I supposed to do? I’ve always been an idiot with no control over my feelings and I’ve hated myself for it for as long as I can remember.

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I feel like an idiot now bye

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sorry my feelings don’t make any sense. that’s why I don’t talk about this shit. whatever. I’m unlikeable anyways so it doesn’t actually matter.

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Luke Wilson is the sheriff on this episode of X-Files and Scully has a crush on him

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Anonymous asked: I thirst followed you then stayed bc you're great


wait that makes me so happy who r uuuuu

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hey what’s up I’m really unattractive


hey what’s up I’m really unattractive

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someone spend the night. let’s take selfies on y laptop. let’s watch x-files.

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"Things aren’t going so well, I’ve been thinking of curses and I’ve been thinking of spells to make the bad things go away and the good things stay"

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