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Nat. 21 years old. They/Their. Northern Virginia. Punk rock lyfe. //

I usually wear these jorts with black leggings and lemme tell you I look A+ babely in that outfit tbh

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short jorts featuring chubby thighs

short jorts featuring chubby thighs

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there are so many things I need to do for my body. this is getting ridiculous.

— 1 hour ago

If anyone could bring me a painkiller right now that would be fucking greeeeat.

— 1 hour ago
#my knee is in so much pain right now  #tw drugs 

Sheetz bathroom part 2

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someone ride in the car with me and sing along loudly to things like Joyce Manor, Hotelier, Tigers Jaw and other emo bullshit

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not ready for this 4 hour drive I have so much shit to do when I get home like laundry and shaving and showering

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I’ve been stuck is a pot smoke ridden living room all night and I hate pot and my head hurts

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I’m sleeping in this living room with like 5 other people and honestly I just want to cuddle and smooch

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my hand is so cute someone hold it

my hand is so cute someone hold it

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make me feel cute Makeout w me

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